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These oral history interviews were provided from 2009 to date.

John Aube (September 7, 2010) (Run time 31:39)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Father and grandfather employed at KVP -- Memories of Jake Kindleberger and Community House events -- Sold his family's vegetables door-to-door in Parchment -- Employed at local Ford dealerships -- Moved to Tucson, AZ and worked for Holmes Tuttle car dealership, famous for heading Ronald Reagan's unofficial Kitchen Cabinet.

Vaughn Baber (August 13, 2010) (Run time 32:47)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Employed at KVP from 1954 to 1979 as a sales rep -- Worked as rep in New York City from 1955 to 1961, when he asked to be assigned back to Kalamazoo -- Western Michigan rep and then assigned to Eastern side of state. Lived in Howell with wife and 2 children -- Also addresses the state of the company just after the Sutherland merger -- Owner of Bicentennial Bookshop since 1975.

Paul Banner, Jr. (February 3, 2011) (Run time 50:11)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Born in Martin, Mich. -- Trombone in high school band -- Library district resident since 1975 -- Library Board official since mid-1980s -- Gilmore Dept. store for 27 years -- Perkins Braille Writer service to southwest Michigan -- WMU survey for library funding -- "Sense of community."

Bob Bellisle (October 25, 2010) (Run time 1:18:14)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Owner/operator of Bellisle's Cut Rate Store 1944 to 2000 -- Comstock High School sports letters -- "Through these doors pass the best people in the world, our customers." -- Parchment resident 66 years -- Jacob Kindleberger's purchases of cigars and Paris Soap -- Parchment stoplights -- Ham Suppers in Community House -- "Parchment has been really good to me." -- Extensive memories of Parchment.

Bruce and Pam Blakeman (November 3, 2010) (Run time 48:15)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Pam lived in Parchment 1948 to 1954 & attended Parchment schools -- Remembers "foam on the river" -- Polio scare in the early 1950s -- Bruce worked KVP 1963 to 2000 -- Staff Assistants' Program -- Development of Bounce product -- Safety campaign -- National converting operations -- Globe atop Island Avenue building.

Fran Bowen (August 16, 2010) (Run time 46:50)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Lifelong Parchment resident -- Father, Frank Williams, started the American Iris Society -- Recollections of downtown businesses -- Father worked at KVP for 27 years, retiring just before mill closed in 2000 -- Graduated from Parchment 9th grade class in 1953 -- Recollections of Community House.

Melvin Bradshaw (October 6, 2010) (Run time 47:04)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP 1960 to 1996 -- Worked with new computerized machines 1969 to 1989 -- Salaried, so worked through strike -- Attended work-sponsored training -- Worked at Davenport University from 1999 to 2004 in Program and Systems Analysis, then retired.

Dennis Burgess (January 17, 2011) (Run time 35:01)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Taught speech education and social studies at Parchment High School from 1959 to1986 -- Drama director at Parchment High School for 11 years -- Radio announcer and disc jockey for WKMI and WKLZ from 1956 to 1968 -- Lives in a KVP company house 1958 to present.

James Burnett (September 21, 2010) (Run time 25:46)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee from 1974 - 2000 -- Father was a scheduler at KVP for 42 years. Brother, sister & uncle, William Gerritsen also worked for KVP -- Coating, finishing and parchment machines -- Union chief steward in late 1990s --"Southern" swing shift described.

Jim Carlin (April 7, 2009) (Run time 49:11)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee 1974 til close (2000) -- Resident of Parchment 1973 to present -- Participated in KVP and City sports, bowling, trap shooting, bass fishing tournaments -- Parchment Titans -- Union steward Mill 2 -- Worked as an extra in Kenny Rogers' film "Six Pack" -- Strong memories of the Vietnam War -- Worked at KVP as cutter loader operator, rewinder, wet lab, finish and machine rooms, coating and wax production.

Richard Carruthers, George Horn and Larry Tobias (March 28, 2013) (Run time 36:00)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson at Liz's Parkview Cafe in Richland, Michigan) Richard P. Carruthers, Larry Tobias and George Horn all worked together in the KVP Print Shop -- Carruthers 1953-1992, Tobias 1959-1996, Horn 1954-1990 -- Carruthers on bowling, golf, and softball teams -- Carruthers still lives in Parchment -- Print Shop had summer picnics -- Memories of the strike in the 1980s -- Pranks -- All commented that it was a great place to work and made great friends -- Present but not participating were Ray Bodine and Bruce Storey.

Joe Chadderdon(November 2, 2009) (Run time 45:02)
(Interviewed by Steve Gibson) Moved to Cooper Township in 1926 -- Attended Parchment schools -- Strong memories of school days -- Worked at KVP from 1939 to 1985 -- Returned to KVP as a consultant until 1990 -- Jacob Kindlberger and Community House and KVP as a company town -- Filmed the paper process and wrote a book on KVP and the history of Parchment.

Phyllis Chase (October 19, 2010) (Run time 41:43)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP 1947 to 1986 -- Finishing room -- Drew sketches for company literature -- Portraits of co-workers for retirement parties -- Part-time Parchment resident.

Michael Conner (November 22, 2010) (Run time 54:15)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP for 2 summers + 6 months -- Brown Co. motorpool for 2 yrs. -- Father & mother both worked at mill -- Lifelong Parchment resident -- Soap Box Derbies -- Jukebox in Community House -- Little League and Babe Ruth League.

Charles Conrad and Hazel Kirkendall (June 2, 2011) (Run time 45:45)
(Siblings, interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Father, Paul Charles Conrad, worked in wax print -- Grandfather, Charles Dwight Conrad, was one of 1st group hired by Jacob Kindleberger -- Hazel's husband, Robert Kirkendall, worked in KVP acid dept. & Brother, Larry Conrad worked at KVP as a millwright for 25 yrs. -- Charles was batboy for KVP baseball team & lettered in most sports -- Memories of Bob Clark who died of leukemia in junior high -- Recollections of Jacob Kindleberger hiring Western Michigan University baseball players to tend his gardens in the park.

Jeanne Crouch (July 29, 2010) (Run time 50:28)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Employed 1949 at KVP and then at Sutherland transcribing dictation -- Humorous recollections of employment -- Relatives worked for KVP -- Lively memories of childhood in Parchment -- Parchment police and speeding tickets -- Splurged on clothes after a strict childhood.

James Crowe (October 27, 2010) Run time 55:28)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP 1974 to 2000 -- Mills 1 & 2, Formulating for last 8 yrs. -- KVP Bass Tournaments -- Mistakenly fired.

David Delemme (September 29, 2010) (Run time 42:30)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Parchment resident 1962-1966 -- KVP employee 1972-1982 -- Father, Joe and step-brother, Tom Moser worked for KVP -- Extensive Parchment high school, business and neighbor memories.

Kay Dunfield group (November 18, 2010) (Run time 54:14)
Group includes Kay Dunfield, Hiram Dunfield, Judy Buckhout, Jackie Nemedi and Bonnie Stacy.
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employees -- Kay 1966 to 1980 -- Hiram 1951 to 1980 -- Jackie 1964 to 1968, 1988 to 1994 -- Bonnie 1963 to 1967 -- Judy worked at Sutherland 1958 to 1963 -- 1966 "purge" 2 years after Sutherland merger -- Intermural men's basketball and baseball diamond at plant 10 -- "Generous vacation time" -- Pacific Inn -- "We learned a great work ethic and maintained friendships for a lifetime."

Irene Evans (October 28, 2010) (Run time 38:31)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee 1934 to 1977 -- Lived with Joe & Helen Kindleberger while attending high school -- KVP women's baseball team -- Performed "a man's job" during WWII -- Still active in KVP retirees' group.

Bert Fish and Richard Granger, Jr. (August 24, 2010) (Run time 50:09)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Parchment and environs discussed -- Attended Parchment schools -- Memories of school teachers, KVP Community House events -- Local folks and businesses discussed -- KVP and its effect on Parchment.

Ron Fleckenstein (November 2, 2009) (Run time 27:44)
(Interviewed by Steve Gibson) KVP employee 1953 to 1990 -- Moved to Parchment in the 1960s -- Mayor of Parchment for 8 years, city manager in the late 1970s for 7 years -- Assistant fire chief -- Board member for local credit union for 12 years -- Built the stage in Kindleberger Park through fundraising and donations -- Co-chair on committee to build Parchment Community Library.

Curtis E. Flowers (April 5, 2011) (Run time 41:24)

(Interviewed by Robert Heasley) Moved to Parchment in 1970 with wife, Linda -- Active in Parchment United Methodist Church as occasional organist and committee member -- Served on City Commission 1985-1987; resigned to take City Treasurer post in March 1987 -- Memories of City Mgr. Glenn Flamm & Commissioners Virginia Aldrich, Don Lent, John Bultje and other co-workers -- KVP position as raw materials quality control tester 1972 to 1975; "Parchment truly is a ‘Model City,’ as Jacob Kindleberger described it.”

Larry Followell (September 30, 2010) (Run time 59:11)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee from 1972 til 2000 (closing)-- Many departments -- Lifelong resident of Parchment -- Father, Billy, retired from Sutherland in 1988 -- Parchment Little League teams -- Extensive memories of neighbors, schools and businesses.

Ashton Fredenburg (July 27, 2011) (Run time 55:31)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Worked at KVP 1951-53 as janitor -- Also worked at Standard gas station -- Father was Elwin Fredenburg who sat on the Island Ave building stairs until Jacob Kindleberger hired him as an accountant (32 yrs.) -- Recollections of Community House Halloween parties, teachers in Parchment schools -- Retired after 31 yrs. at Doubleday.

Joan Hartman (November 24, 2010) (Run time 37:20)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee summers 1944-1947 -- Attended Parchment schools through 9th grade -- Father worked for KVP 1925 to 1962 -- KVP employees purchased chairs for Community House church services -- 4th of July celebrations in Kindleberger Park -- KVP printed ration booklets during WWII.

Robert Baker Heasley (January 27, 2011) (Run time 44:08)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Lifelong Parchment resident -- Long service on City Commission, currently mayor -- Parchment school sports -- "Smoke Warden" memories -- Blue Notes Jazz Band -- Upjohn for 33 years, retired in 2004 -- "Evolution of Parchment schools."

Robert Loyd Heasley (March 1, 2011) (Run time 58:37)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Moved to Parchment 1949 and still resides here -- Lived in Kindleberger house -- Served on Parchment Methodist Church Finance Comm. &

Ralph and Billie Herrick (May 21, 2012) (Run time 42:32)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Ralph's father & grandfather served as Parchment Chiefs of Police -- Ralph worked for KVP for 2 years --  Ralph also on Fire Dept. for 50 yrs. -- Asked by Judge Pierce to join the police dept. -- Became Chief in 1969 -- Retired in 2001 -- Billie drove buses and other transport for 25 yrs. for Parchment School District -- Retired in 1998 -- Both are very involved Parchment volunteers -- "The whole town is our home." .

Jack and Marlene Koch
(August 30, 2011) (Run time 30:43)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Jack worked at KVP for one year 1953-54 -- Jack was Parchment High School football coach from 1970-1986 -- Both involved in Friends of the Library for over 20 years --Have lived in Parchment since 1970 -- Marlene worked as substitute teacher --Recollections of Mother’s Study; fundraising for public speakers on children’s issues; concerts in the park sponsored by Parchment United Methodist Church; the Lions Club carnivals -- Parchment is "friendly and a good place to raise children.”

Richard Krohn (October 5, 2010) (Run time 37:53)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP 1954 to 1966 -- 3 brothers also worked at KVP -- GM 27 years, retired 1993 -- "KVP was a family."

Dolores Lester (October 20, 2010) (Run time 38:02)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP 1953 to 1990 (10 yrs in Mill 1 Finishing and 27 years in office) -- Potlucks at Mill for holidays -- "Shaganabe" -- "Parchment was an elite place."

David Lowden (September 22, 2010) (Run time 42:30)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee 1960-1970 -- Sales rep in Dallas Texas and Omaha, Nebraska -- Inside sales in Parchment mill -- Company house 1962-1964.

Ken Manley (April 11, 2012) (Run time April 11, 2012)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Moved to Parchment 1977 -- Joined Friends of the Library & worked on changing state law to get a district library millage -- "Library is one of the basic pillars of democracy" -- Served 3 terms on Parchment Library Board -- Worked on proposal to City to build new library & chaired recent library millage in perpetuity renewal -- Working with International Child Care in Haiti since 1989 -- "Service to others is the reason for a successful life."

Boston Mann(August 31, 2009) (Run time 50:18)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Worked 32 years at KVP (1950-1982) in machine room, beater room at mill #1 -- Played on KVP softball and golf teams -- Producing Christmas paper -- Memories of Parchment restaurants and businesses -- KVP owned jack pine land in Canada.

Ronald Mitchell (November 8, 2010) (Run time 1:08:01)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee from 1957 to 1995 -- Father worked in Mill 2 -- Otsego 6-letter sportsman -- KVP softball team til late 1960s -- Morels.

Robert Overmyer, Sr. (September 14, 2010) (Run time 41:02)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Memories of Jake Kindleberger and Community House events -- Employed at KVP in June 1941, then left to serve in WWII. Returned in 1946 as rewinder operator, then Wax Production and then worked in Scheduling for 15 years -- Played on KVP bowling team -- Left KVP in July 1967 to work for WMU in security police department which became a Kalamazoo Police Department branch -- Retired in 1985.

Richard L. Patterson, Jr. (October 13, 2009) (Run time 62:20)
(Interviewed by Steve Gibson) Moved to Parchment in 1945 -- Father is Richard A. Patterson, Sr. -- Memories of unpaved roads in Parchment -- "The Valley" -- Sledding down Kindleberger Park hill -- Attended Parchment Schools through 9th grade, class of 1957 -- Joy VanderHorst incident -- Elected to Parchment Board of Education -- School district busing.

Richard A. Patterson, Sr. (September 16, 2009) (Run time 65:23)
(Interviewed by Steve Gibson) Moved to 302 Groveland Avenue in Parchment in 1945 -- Sold Saturday Evening Post door-to-door -- Water service issues -- Recollections of Joe Kindleberger -- Schoolteacher, also taught Industrial Arts in Parchment 1949 to 1953 -- History of Parchment School Board, recall, accreditation -- History of Parchment Library -- Kindleberger Park events.

Michael Porath (April 8, 2009) (Run time 39:39)
(Interviewed by [self]) Opened with opinions on Parchment Wassailing events -- Discussed early history of KVP and the Kalamazoo River -- Worked for KVP from 1976 til 2000 in Machine and Beater Rooms, security fire watch, maintenance warehouse, coating and wax production -- "Kalamazoo River clean up costs ended the mill here" -- (Gaps in tape are normal where he checked his notes).

Robert Schuder, Jr. (March 4, 2010) (Run time 41:54)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Lived in Parchment until he was 20 -- Lived in company houses, heated from the mill, at 613 Riverview Dr. and on Keyes Dr. with his grandparents -- Grandfather worked with Jacob Kindleberger in Ohio and then in the machine room at KVP his entire life -- Parchment schools: "Jacob Kindleberger hired all the teachers and was, basically, the school board" -- Remembers baptisms in the Community House -- Home Works program in summer -- Uniforms for men and women at the mill -- Worked in the Board Room at the Mill -- Retired in 1993 after 31 years as a firefighter in Battle Creek.

Willard Slocum (October 13, 2010) (Run time 35:14)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP 1952 to 1994 -- Several positions in Mill #1 Paper Machine Room -- Security force called out during strike -- Bowling team -- Pranks with co-workers.

Roy Stafford (September 7, 2010) (Run time 53:50)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Employed at KVP from 1968 - 2000 (closing) -- Union Steward in Mill #1 Parchment Machine Room for one year and Recording Secretary for Local 323 for 12 years (1975-1987) -- Union negotiations -- Played on several KVP sports teams.

Bruce and Beverly Storey (August 12, 2011) (Run time 41:06)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Lived at 408 Groveland and attended Parchment schools through 4th grade -- Moved to Kendall in 1938, has lived in Gobles for 55 years -- Father, Glenn Storey, worked at KVP from 1927-1972 in printing -- Bruce worked in printing at KVP for almost 38 years, retired in 1991 and then worked for City of Gobles -- "The Print Shop was a family" -- Recollections of Don Motsinger, his supervisor -- "I remember when steam was coming out of the powerhouse; the trains and semis coming in; they were good times."

Jim Strehlow (March 8, 2012) (Run time 47:15)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Legal name William James Strehlow -- Lived in Parchment 1958-2000 -- Guidance Director for Parchment School District 1958-1986 -- Liaison among the schools in the district -- Abolished study halls/added classes in high school curriculum -- Formed school softball team; represented school "in a broad way” through sports, Teachers’ Association, grievance committee -- Admissions Counselor at KVCC for 13 years; advocate with Probate Court since 1999.

Laurence Tisch (October 2, 2009) (Run time 41:20)
(Interviewed by Teresa Stannard) Born 1919 and lived in Parchment off and on since 1939 -- Built a house on Glenguile and lived there 10 years -- Four generations attended Parchment schools -- With his wife, initiated a drive to get the new high school built after the Kalamazoo Gazette reported "Kalamazoo to take over Parchment" -- Worked at Upjohn from 1950 to 1978 when he retired -- Moved to Traverse City for 30 years -- Moved back to Parchment in 2005.

Joan Ulmer (September 15, 2010) (Run time 37:39)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Lived in a KVP company house from 1939 to1944 -- Early school life -- Father worked at KVP -- Joan worked at Barclay Hills Education Center.

Leroy Van Maanen, Jr.(December 1, 2009) (Run time 15:43)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Worked at KVP from 1957 to 1962 in Finishing -- Knew many mill families -- Firefighter in Kalamazoo for 28 yrs., now retired -- Memories of Darwin Brown, local professional clown -- 1957 mill strike.

Wayne Van Weelden (September 28, 2010) (Run time 36:13)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) KVP employee 1950-1970 -- Pitcher Street Board Mill employee 1970-1991 -- Inside sales, work with field salesmen and product shows -- Parchment resident 1941-1951 -- Home Works Program as a teenager -- Parchment victory gardens.

Ronald L. Wallace (August 11, 2011) (Run time 46:02)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Born 1931, moved to 309 Eunice Ave in Parchment in 1939 -- Parchment schools through 9th grade -- 250 customer paper route purchased from R. Yeckley -- Has one sister, Beverly -- KVP rewinders June-December 1950 -- Worked at the Marathon Station, for Bob Bellisle, and for Ted Mowry -- Many recollections working at the Nuinhuis Tulip Farm, sledding in Kindleberger Park, teachers, playing softball -- "Class clown" recollections -- Barber for 30 years and managed Foster's Clippers fast-pitch in Kalamazoo City League -- Living in Parchment were "golden years for me."

Robert and Elzora (Ellie) Wagner (January 29, 2013) (Run time 42:43)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Moved to 116 Glenguile in Parchment in 1954 -- Lived at several Parchment addresses before moving to Weatherstone Community -- Both integral to founding of Parchment Library through Friends of the Library, Mothers Group & Board position -- Bob showed movies as a library fundraiser -- Bob retired from Kalamazoo Gazette after 39 years --Wrote local history column for Parchment United Methodist Church bulletin -- Incident when Ralph Herrick, Sr., ticketed everyone for "parking over the sidewalk."

Lois Walters (November 17, 2011) (Run time 36:51)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson)
Born 1931, 927 Riverview Dr. -- Attended Parchment Schools through 9th grade -- Girl Scout troop collected milkweed pods for the war effort & knitted afghans for vets at Percy Jones Army Hospital in Battle Creek -- Father, Elmer Geschwendt worked at KVP and was the 1st president of the printers union -- Employed at Clark's Drug Store while in high school -- Recollections of the Community House -- Worked for Meijers in Okemos for 30 years.

Jack Wood (July 29, 2011) (Run time 21:59)
(Interviewed by Wendy Erickson) Lived in Parchment for 18 years on Patti Circle til 1995 -- Acquainted with Rev. Emerson Minor, Rev. Dan Minor's father -- Found Parchment to be "vibrant" -- Worked for Eaton Corp., Burroughs Corp., Hammond Machinery, retiring in 1997 -- Now lives in Cape Coral, FL.

These oral history interviews were provided in 1974-1976
(originally recorded on cassette tape)
Philip Bixby (May 1974) (Run time 31.55)
(Interviewed by Veva Abrahamsen) Jacob Kindleberger as boss; growth of KVP from 1935; role of policy-making council; Ralph Hayward and expansion at Espanola, Canada; merger with Sutherland; sale to Brown Company and Gulf & Western, etc. Mill financing of employee homes. Community growth. Involvement of KVP in community, church, school, and subsequent effects of withdrawal.

Leo Boylan and Betty Boylan Burkett (January 27, 1976)(Run time 34:09)
(Interviewed by William Hathaway) Life in Parchment area from 1919 when family purchased 60-acre farm at Riverview Dr. and Townline Rd. (G Ave.) Building of first school at Bracket & Riverview Dr. Building early stores – owners.Church and early ministers; Men’s Club activities; dedication of Community House. Erection of KVP Mill #2 in 1923. Early homes, streets in Parchment; starting Kindleberger Park; Jr. Work Projects, Victory Gardens, etc. Men’s Club activities Drake Farm boundaries and platting.
Glenn Flamm (May 1974) (Run time 35:30)
(Interviewed by Veva Abrahamsen) Glenn starting work for KVP in the park.Became head of Public Works.Growth and changes in community; recreational activities; remarks about Jacob Kindleberger.
Charles McClellan (November 20, 1975) (Run time 9:05)
(No interviewer) Early history of Parchment from 1921. Building and use of Community House. Swinging bridge at E & G Avenues. Early church membership, ministers, activities. Mary McClellan, first President of Women’s Society.

Corrine Noble (January 15, 1976) (Run time 14:01)
(Interviewed by William Hathaway) Remembrances of KVP and Parchment from date of employment in the Purchasing Department in 1923.
Alfred Perlick (March 24, 1975) (Run time 25:35)
(Interviewed by William Hathaway) Recruitment from Michigan-Ontario Baseball League for position with KVP team; members, record, special games. Residence in Parchment, early stores, community activities; implementation of Kindleberger Park and baseball field. Street changed from Harry Street to Maple Street. Deterioration of Kalamazoo River. Early political activities of Democratic Party. Formation of Parchment Citizens’ League.

Keneth Ruse (April 22, 1975) (Run time 10:15)
(Interviewed by Joe Schweiss) Junior Furniture Company. Home Works Corporation. Junior Baking Company. Early community/Company/school recreation programs.

John "Derby" Russell (February 27, 1976) (Run time 60:17)
(Interviewed by Gail Russell) Life in Cooper Twp. From 1857, when grandparents came.Other early settlers: Murray, Keyes, Shau, Travis, ex-NY Governor Troop. Hotel and popular bar on site of Borgess Hospital. Early freight hauling for KVP; first job in KVP mill @ $1.00/day; "Juggy” Martin and E. Boldman living in tents. Sugar beet and barrel factories in area. Housekeeping and storage problems in early 1900’s. First school in area; teachers, etc. Groceries sold in Community House for employees. Much more…

Norman Sleep (May 1974) (Run time 25:25)
(Interviewed by Veva Abrahamesen) Hiring in 1933 by Mgr. Andy Beam to play with KVP baseball team. Early fire department organization, duties, member selection. "Yellow Kid” episode with Kindleberger.

Esther Stewart (March 5, 1977) (Run time 20:05)
(Interviewed by William Hathaway) Remembrances from 1933 when husband joined KVP.Later take-over of publication of Philosopher by husband. Formation/activities of Bridge Club (Parchment). Early school teachers. Garden Club; project of labeling plantings in Kindleberger Park; apricot tree at Riverview and Parchmount; "Witch Basket” money-making project.

Ruth Stimpson (April 10, 1975) (Run time 8:30)
(Interviewed by William Hathaway) Employed 1919, one of 33 people in KVP office; early transportation, roads, etc.Father recruited in 1921 to maintain decorating throughout mill and its 30 houses.First home of Kindlebergers.Occupancy, maintenance, use of Community House and its 2 apartments.Discontinuance of Rag Room section of KVP.Relocation to new offices in 1928.

Dolly Walker (November 18, 1975) (Run time 11:49)
(Interviewed by William Hathaway) Employment and first home in Parchment. Early history of community, church, and Women’s Society. Platting of Schau property and building of present home. First drug store operated by A. Hudson.