The Community House (1922-1966)

Jacob Kindleberger, who founded the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company in 1909, wanted to create a model village for his workers and its centerpiece was the Community House.  Constructed in 1922, the building had a full-size auditorium and a dining hall.  It was used for meetings and concerts and served as the village's first church. It was expanded in 1935 to include a wood shop and a gymnasium.  The building was demolished in 1966.  On the site today is a PNC bank at 317 S Riverview Drive, immediately north of the Parchment Community Library.

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Community House 1922
Shortly after construction in 1922.
Community House, 1920's
Community House postcard, circa 1930
Community House 1935
The Community House as photographed from the top of the KVP smokestack in 1935
Ladies of the Maccabees
A women's organization photographed in the 1930's in front of the Community House. Note the front porch has been enclosed.
1926 Holiday Event
A Christmas celebration in the Community House auditorium dated January 3, 1926.
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