Copy / Scan / Fax


15 cents per sheet.  


Scan: No charge.  Limit: 20 pages.

  • Library staff can help you attach scanned documents to your e-mail.


$1.00 per page to send or receive.  No more than 20 pages per transmission.


  • No charge to Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency, Michigan Department of Labor Education Training, or Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


From your device, attach the item you wish to print to an email.  Send the email to  In a few moments, you should receive an email containing a numeric code that is the release code.

Go to our public copier.  Press ICE on the touch screen.  Press PrintCloud.  Enter the release code in the box provided.  If you wish to print in color, uncheck the "Print in Black & White" box near the bottom left of the screen.  Printing is 15 cents per sheet.  Let us know if you need any assistance.