July 4

Welcome to the Dive Deeper Weeklong Challenge


Dive Deeper Weeklong Challenge #5

When an object is in the water, gravity pulls the object down and displaces some of the water, which means some of the water is pushed aside.  Gravity pulls the displaced water down, and causes an upward force on the object, called buoyancy.  The amount of water displaced depends upon the volum of the object.  A higher volume causes more fluid to be displaced, which means more buoyancy.

Boat designers have to consider buoyancy as well as friction when deciding on the shape of a boat's hull. A boat designed for speed must have enough displacement to stay afloat, but surface area has to be minimized to decrease the effects of friction.

Use aluminum foil to make boats and then test designs by seeing how many pennies or paperclips they can hold.

Supplies Needed:

  • Sheets of aluminum foil (12" x 12")

  • Tub of water

  • Pennies or paper clips

Here's what to do:

Step 1:  Design and build a boat with one sheet of foil.

Step 2:  Float boat in the tub of water

Step 3:  Add pennies or paper clips one at a time into the boat.

Step 4:  Design a new boat to hold more weight!