June 20

Welcome to the Weeklong Dive Deeper Weeklong Challenge


Dive Deeper Weeklong Challenge #2

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 -  gallon or quart size zippered plastic bags

  • 1 large container of lard or shortening

  • Heavy tape

  • 2 large containers of ice or ice water

  • Optional: Heavy rubber kitchen glove

Here's what to do:

Step 1:  Scoop fat into two of the zippered plastic bags.  Spread the fat inside the bag so that it fills the bag and is about 1 inch thick.  Seal the bags.

Step 2:  Lay one bag on top of the other and tape three of the sides together making a "mitten."

Step 3:  Slide the mitten into the third bag with the open side of the mitten facing out of the third bag.

Step 4:  Put the mitten into one of the containers of ice, or ice water.

Step 5:  Put one hand into the mitten and put your bare hand into the second container of ice.

Optional Step 6:  Use a heavy rubber kitchen glove for the bare hand.  If a lot of people are doing this activity this will help keep the demonstration area dry.