An Earth Day Event

The Parchment Community Library has invited three local faith leaders to share their perspectives on faith and climate change: Imam Hafiz Nauman Akbar of the Kalamazoo Islamic Center, Rabbi Simone Schicker of Temple B’nai Israel, and Pastor Nikki Smith of Lutheran Church of the Savior.  They will make individual videos that will be posted at the beginning of April.  The community is invited to meet in a Zoom session on Tuesday, April 20th at 7 p.m. to discuss what we heard in the videos and how that relates to our own faith perspectives.  The discussion is not intended to promote a particular point of view about climate change or religious faith, but rather to empower people to reflect upon and state their own views more clearly.  People of all faith affiliations or no faith affiliation are warmly invited to be a part of the discussion. 

Please watch the videos before attending the Zoom session.  Suggested questions for you to consider as you watch are:

“What was one thing that stood out to me in this faith leader’s approach to climate change?” 

“How does this person’s faith-based approach relate to my own thoughts about climate change and caring for the environment? Are there points of similarity? Points of difference?”

Registration is REQUIRED for this program.  Register to receive links to the videos and to participate in the Zoom session HERE 

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