Since we can’t all be together in person, let’s be together in spirit by creating a paper chain at the library! 


Cut a strip of paper 1-inch by 11 inches long.  (We have a template here that you can print.)  Plain white office paper is fine, or you can use something fancier.  We’ll also have some strips at the library that you can decorate; ask us to put one into your curbside pickup order! 


Write your name or initials on one side of the paper.  Decorate the other side however you like.  Draw something, write a holiday message, write a hope for the future, color the paper in a pattern or abstractly - let your creativity run wild!  Be sure to leave a 3/4-inch space at each end for stapling. 


Drop off your strip of paper at the library or mail it to us.  If you're dropping off while the library's closed, please put the strip into an envelope and put the envelope into our dropbox.  We’ll combine the strips into a large paper chain that we’ll display in the library.  We'll share photos online until we're able to allow people into the building again.


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