Led by Playwright/Performer/Director Elizabeth Keiser

Friday, April 1

Workshop 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Parchment Community Library

Registration to participate and help write, create, and/or perform in the play is now full.

Performance at 4:00 p.m. INSIDE in the Community Room at the Parchment Community Library (due to the unfavorable weather forecast)


On the last day of spring break, Friday, April 1, come see "A Play in a Day" at the Parchment Community Library. An interactive, kinesthetic, comedy based (“… don’t save the laughter for after…”) workshop process will lead up to a SHOW to be enjoyed by all!  Doors to the performance space will open at 3:45.  Pre-registration is not required to attend.

This event is perfect for all levels of creativity, introverts welcome. It is a fun opportunity to learn new things about yourself and those with whom you are close!

Comments from past participants:

 “I never knew my son Jose liked to dance… and that he was so good at it.”

 “We didn’t realize our dad could act so silly.”

 “I never thought I would like acting… but it’s kind of fun.”

Note: Elizabeth Keiser will return this summer as a featured guest artist to lead "A Play in a Day" at the 40th annual Kindleberger Festival, so this is your chance for a "sneak peek" at the process.