Tax Season Info

We typically receive IRS paper tax forms in late January to early February.  Michigan tax forms will be mailed to libraries after they have been mailed to taxpayers who used paper forms last year. We hope to receive Michigan tax forms by mid-February, but no firm date has been set.  Staff at the Help Desk can help you obtain other tax forms online. (15 cents per page)

Federal filing usually begins January 15.

2020 Federal and State tax returns must be postmarked no later than [date to be determined] 2021.

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Federal Tax Assistance



Telephone Numbers

Taxpayer advocate's helpline: 877 777-4778

Forms, Publications: 800 829-3676

Refund status: 800 829-1954

Tax assistance - Individual: 800 829-1040

Tax assistance - Business: 800 829-4933    

TTY for hearing/speech impaired: 800 829-4059

Braille tax materials: 800 829-3676

Tele Tax Topics: 800 829-4477


Area Offices

IRS Taxpayer Assistance   
616 365-4700

3251 N Evergreen Dr., NE

Grand Rapids, MI  49525

Mon-Fri   8:30 am - 12:30 pm; 1:30—4:00 pm

Michigan Tax Assistance



Telephone Numbers

Taxpayer advocate's helpline: 517 636-4759

Forms, Publications: 517 636-4486

Refund status: 517 636-4486

Tax assistance - Individual: 211

Tax assistance - Business: 517 636-6925   

TTY for hearing/speech impaired: 800 649-3777 or 711

Braille tax materials: 517 636-4486

Tele Tax Topics: 517 636-4486

Michigan Treasury Field Office                


State Office Building

350 Ottawa NW, Unit 17

Grand Rapids, MI  49503-2340

Mon-Fri   8:00am - 5:00 pm


Michigan Department of Treasury (For help with resolving Michigan tax matters)

Taxpayer Advocate Office  Lansing, MI  48922

Local Tax Assistance

Free tax help from AARP is usually available by appointment at the Parchment Community Library on Tuesdays from February through April.

Call the library at 269 343-7747 in January to find out about scheduling an appointment.


Please bring with you to your scheduled appointment:

   1. Social Security card(s) for you and anyone you will be claiming as a dependent.

   2. A photo ID for you and your spouse if filing jointly.

   3. A copy of last year's return.

   4. Health care coverage: Bring health insurance coverage information for you, your spouse and all 

       dependents. If you purchased insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, bring all 1095A's. If 

       you received an exemption(s) through the Health Insurance Marketplace, bring the document showing 

       your exemption certificate number(s).

   5. All income documents such as W2's 1099's Social Security, SSI, alimony, etc.

   6. For itemized deductions bring documentation of medical expenses, real estate and

       license plate taxes, mortgage interest statements, contributions.

   7. For Child and Dependent Care Credit bring the provider's name, address, EIN or SS  

       number and amount paid.

   8. For educational Credits bring all 1098T statements and a printout of all student

       account summaries and receipts for all course-related books and materials.

   9. For the Homestead Property Tax Credit: Home owners must bring summer and winter tax  bills. If your taxes are              escrowed you can obtain these from your taxing authority. Renters must be on the lease and bring proof of how               much was paid for rent and the name and address of the landlord.

  10. Home Heating Credit: If you pay Consumers Energy for your heat, bring the year-end statement  showing your                annual heating cost.  If you cannot find this amount call Consumers Energy at 1-800-477-5050. If you have another          energy provider or use wood, gas or fuel oil, bring your annual costs from these providers.

  11. To have a refund direct-deposited you will need the routing and account numbers

        for your bank or credit union. Please bring either a check or document from the institution displaying that                         information.

Where to File Tax Forms


With payment

Internal Revenue Service

PO Box 802501

Cincinnati, OH  45280-2501


Refund, Credit, or Zero Return

Dept. of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Fresno, CA 93888-0002 1040 Form

Fresno, CA 93888-0015 1040A Form

Fresno, CA 93888-0014 1040EZ Form



With payment

Michigan Department of Treasury

Lansing, MI  48929


Refund, Credit, or Zero Return

Michigan Department of Treasury

Lansing, MI  48956

 401 S Riverview Dr.  Parchment, MI 49004 

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