KVP Promotional Film

[circa 1930. 38 min. Silent. Black and white.]

Note: The first few seconds of the film are blank

Jacob Kindleberger, founder of the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company, commissioned this film to promote his "model paper mill" and company town, circa 1930. The first few minutes of the film are missing. The film opens with footage of the mill and town taken from a biplane, followed by footage of the paper-making process and scenes of village life.

Kindleberger founded the KVP company in 1909 in an old sugar-beet factory along the Kalamazoo River north of Kalamazoo, Michigan. By 1930, a thriving village, named Parchment, offered many amenities including a new school and a Community House that served as cafeteria, gymnasium, church, auditorium, and playbround. KVP sponsored a championship baseball team, a choir and a band, and provided fire and police services.

Kindleberger died in 1947. In 1960 KVP became KVP-Sutherland, in 1967 it was purchased by Brown Company, in 1980 it was purchased by James River, and in 1996 it was purchased by Crown Vantage.  The mill was closed in 2000.  The mill buildings along Riverview Drive in Parchment have been demolished; the administration building still stands on Island Avenue.  The Communit House was demolished in 1964; a PNC bank building stands on the site today. [2016]