Library Cards

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Get a Library Card


If you live in our district



  • Not sure if you live in our district?
    Check our Street Index for your address.


  • Live in Cooper's Landing Apartments?
    Check our map to see if you are in the Plainwell or Parchment library district.

PCL District 

  • To be eligible for a free library card with the Parchment Community Library as your "home" library, you must be a resident of, or own property within, the Parchment School District. The library is not part of the school system, but our boundaries are the same.


ID Required

  • Adults. If you are 18 years old or older, you must present a valid photo ID (a Michigan driver license, Michigan ID, or Kalamazoo County ID) with your current name and current address on it.

  • ID not current? If your name has changed or if you have just moved and don't have your new address on your license yet, bring in a recent piece of mail with your current name and address on it. We recommend you update your license as soon as possible. 

  • Minors. If you are 17 years old or younger, you must have your parent or guardian with you when you sign up for a library card. Your parent must present his or her driver license (or proof of residence) when you apply for a library card.

    • If you attend Parchment Schools, you can apply for a PSD Student card online.  Use your school email address!  

    • You may apply for a Limited Juvenile card instead without a parent's co-signature, which will allow you to borrow two books at a time.

  • Non-resident property owner. If you do not reside within our district but own property here, please bring both your driver license or Michigan ID and your most recent property tax receipt.



If you don't live in our district


Reciprocal card. If you live within the district of a participating MiLibraryCard library, or the Kalamazoo, Portage, Plainwell or Otsego libraries, you may obtain a free "reciprocal" card from us.

  • Bring in both your library card and your drivers license or Michigan ID when you apply for a reciprocal card. 

Senior card. If you are age 65 or better, you may receive a free "Senior" card from us. You don't need to present a home library card, but please bring in your drivers license or Michigan ID as proof of age and address.

PSD Teacher card. If you are a teacher within the Parchment School District, you may apply for a special Teacher's Card online. Use your school email address! 


Non-resident Paid.  If you are a non-resident and are not eligible for one of the card listed above, you may purchase a non-resident card for $95 per year.  This card grants full borrowing privileges to everyone in your household.

Use Your Library Card


Loan Periods

  • All items not listed below - 4 weeks, 2 renewals

  • New Books - 2 weeks, 1 renewal

  • DVDs – 1 week, 1 renewal, limit 8 per card

  • Graphic Novels - 2 weeks, 2 renewals

  • Magazines - 2 weeks, 2 renewals

  • Games - 1 week, 1 renewal, limit 2 per card

  • Puzzles - 1 week, 1 renewal, limit 2 per card

  • Play Equipment - 1 week, no renewals, in-district adults only, limit 2 per card

  • DVD Binge Boxes - 1 week, 1 renewal, limit 1 per card, each Binge Box counts as 1 DVD



  • Items may be renewed by telephone, e-mail, in person or through the online catalog. Unless they are on hold for someone else, all items may be renewed up to two times except New Books and DVDs, which may be renewed once.



  • A reserve may be placed on library materials by telephone, e-mail, in person or through the online catalog.   The patron will be notified when the reserve becomes available and must pick it up within three days.



  • No overdue fines are assessed for standard items.

  • However, patrons with items 30 or more days overdue will be blocked from further borrowing until the items are returned in good condition or paid for.  



  • Borrowing privileges are suspended if any borrowed items are 30 days or more overdue.


Overdue Procedure

  • Emailed overdue notices will be sent when an item is 1 and 2 weeks overdue.

  • A paper overdue notice will be mailed when the item is 3 weeks overdue.

  • If the item cannot be found, the replacement cost of the item must be paid.

  • If the item is not returned (or the replacement cost & processing fee paid) within 14 days of the fourth notice, the overdue account may be sent to a collection agency.

  • If sent to a collection agency, the overdue account will be assessed an additional $10.00 fee.